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Telling stories from a tiny Southeast Asian island.

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Rewarding para-athletes: It's not about the money, but the principle

The success of Singapore's Paralympians in Rio has reignited the debate over how para-athletes should be rewarded and acknowledged.

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COMMENT: Zika highlights how we are all in this together

The spread of Zika demonstrates the importance of caring for the living conditions of everyone in Singapore, including transient workers.

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COMMENT: Contempt of court Bill will entrench self-censorship

While tensions between the offence of contempt and the principle of free speech will always exist, the broad and wide-ranging language used in the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill gets the balance wrong. Leaving people confused over what can or can’t be said will have a chilling effect, whatever the intention of the law, further entrenching a culture of self-censorship and passive citizenship that’s detrimental to Singaporean society in the long run.

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COMMENT: Who gets to speak on Cooling-Off Day?

The Elections Department announced that it has filed police reports against two individuals and an online news site for breaching Cooling-Off Day rules. But what do these rules actually achieve?

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COMMENT: ISA leaves important questions unanswered

An opinion piece on the preventive detention of eight Bangladeshi workers, and the lack of transparency that needs to be scrutinised.

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COMMENT: Fencing workers off will only cause more distrust, animosity

A response to a ruling party MP's suggestion that communal spaces in Little India be fenced off from migrant workers.

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You can’t ‘gotong royong’ around railings in the void deck

A blog post on defensive urban architecture in Singapore.


COMMENT: End shaming of transgender sex workers

A look at the discrimination and prejudice that transgender sex workers face, and how voyeuristic articles in the media hurt rather than help.

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Why we shouldn't take cardboard collectors' comments at face value

A response to the discussion about elderly cardboard collectors in Singapore.


COMMENT: Of "natural aristocracy" and earning your place

A look at meritocracy, respect, deference and social justice in Singapore.

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COMMENT: What should Singapore do to help stranded refugees ...

With thousands of stranded refugees stranded out at sea in Southeast Asia, what should Singapore's role be?

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COMMENT: Why we should question the shutdown of The Real Singapore

A blog post for Yahoo! Singapore on the shutdown of The Real Singapore.

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COMMENT: Singapore needs to look beyond the 'swamp to skyscrapers' narrative

Thoughts on how Singapore needs to move beyond the "Third World to First" narrative.

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COMMENT: Appreciate Singaporeans' diverse opinions and experiences

Looking forward to a more inclusive Singapore.