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Telling stories from a tiny Southeast Asian island.

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Malaysia: Najib Doubles Down

Beleaguered Malaysian Prime Minister Najib is close to passing the controversial National Security Council Bill, which activists say could bring Malaysia under dictatorial rule.

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Singapore’s Pallid Hong Kong Solidarity

Two cities, small yet wealthy. Yet Singapore's solidarity event with Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests highlights the differences between both urban centres.

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Malaysia’s Sedition Debate

Malaysians organise to take on the Sedition Act, a law used to stifle free expression despite promises of repeal.

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A Small Step Forward for ASEAN LGBT Rights

LGBT activists press on in Southeast Asia.

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Singapore Cracks the Whip on Cyber ‘Terrorism’

After a few high-profile cases of government websites being defaced, the Singapore government clamps down on cybercrime.

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Riot Reveals Cracks in Singapore Society

Singapore's first riot in decades shines a light on cracks in society.

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The Fight to Save Bukit Brown

The fight to save an old Chinese cemetery brings up questions over space and heritage in a fast-changing country.

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Online Spying in Singapore?

Is the Singaporean government spying on its citizens?

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A Tenure Rejection with Many Implications

The denial of tenure to journalism professor Cherian George raises questions of academic freedom in Singapore.

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Singapore’s Alternative Media: Fighting for Freedom

Singapore's alternative media struggles for space.

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Singapore's Population Debate Grows Heated

Widespread unhappiness over a Population White Paper reveals a level of disappointment and anger Singapore has not had to deal with in a long time.