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Kirsten Han

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Telling stories from a tiny Southeast Asian island.

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Floral tributes to lee kuan yew outside high street centre  singapore   20150327 article

The Lee feud is not about the house – it's about the story

The ongoing Lee family feud is not about whether to preserve or demolish 38 Oxley Road. It never was.

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The #OxLeeFeud: A test of one's commitment to the bigger picture

There are no heroes here, no one to look up to, just a petty elite arguing pettily in Facebook posts about things not going their way.

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Ng Shui Meng: “I’m sure the truth will come out.”

Sombath Somphone disappeared in December 2012. CCTV footage showed him speaking to someone by a municipal police station in Vientiane before being taken away in another car. No one’s heard from him since. Despite repeated requests for an independent investigation, statements from the Lao government have been far from satisfactory.

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I don't have kids. There is no “yet”.

A personal essay on being childfree.

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Life with a small Houdini

A personal essay on the adoption of a small black cat.