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Telling stories from a tiny Southeast Asian island.

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Taking to the stage with Singapore’s most fearless theatre company

For 30 years, the Necessary Stage has been holding a mirror to the city-state’s complex society, often drawing the government’s watchful eye.

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How Singapore is abusing its laws on ‘hate speech’

By criminalising insult, Singapore’s government says it is avoiding religious discord and hurt feelings. But the protection is selective and, some say, dangerous.

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Shop 'til they drop: Singapore's shopping centres struggling to survive

With vacancy rates for Singapore’s glamorous shopping malls at an all-time high, is the city-state losing its lustre as the region’s shopping hub?

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As Netflix moves in, local video streaming platforms fight back

Southeast Asia has been hailed as the next big market for video streaming startups, with local telcos joining forces with big name studios to deliver both Hollywood and local content to the masses. Can the US streaming sensation Netflix, which officially launched in the region in January, now compete with these more affordable local rivals?

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Going for Goh

Paralympic swimmer Theresa Goh has a huge number of golds under her cap for her home country of Singapore. To date, an Olympic medal has eluded her, but the gutsy athlete has her sights set on a breakthrough in Rio.

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Singapore's migrant workers face abuse and resentment

A feature for Southeast Asia Globe looking at the migrant worker population in Singapore.

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Jailed without trial in Singapore, an ex-detainee tells his story

Singaporean Poh Soo Kai spent 17 years in jail without trial under Lee Kuan Yew, costing him both his family and a career in medicine. Now, more than 50 years after Operation Coldstore, which saw 100 people with communist links detained, he exposes in his historical memoir what the ‘Father of Singapore’ did to political opponents.

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The business of love: fierce competition between dating apps

In an age where ‘swiping right’ has entered common parlance, the matchmakers behind the region’s most popular dating apps are working hard to attract users.

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The Skin I Live In

Moving within a legal grey area, transgender sex workers find their community and family where they can.

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Golden Years

As it celebrates its fiftieth year of independence, Singapore struggles over its history and identity.

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The state of the city

Singapore is usually known for its development and its wealth. But many of its citizens continue to struggle with the high costs of living.

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Mixed blessings

The amendments to legislation on the use of capital punishment in Singapore were heralded as a step forward. But campaigners are beginning to see the flaws in the changes.