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To Sue or Not to Sue: Defamation and Double Standards in Singapore’s Family Feud

The prime minister has indicated that he might still sue his siblings, depending on what they continue to say in public. It's now become an exercise in seeing how far the siblings can go before they reach his limit, but would it really be to our benefit to see a lawsuit?

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Singapore's Family Feud: A 'Secret Committee' and the Problem of Due Process

What we’re seeing now is not regular due process.

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Is the First Family Finally Waking from Singapore’s Orwellian Nightmare?

Lee Hsien Loong has continued to erode civil liberties on the island. Like his father, he’s sued political opponents, journalists and dissidents. Are his siblings starting to wake up?

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Pink Dot, Speakers' Corner and the Death of Singapore's Only Space for Dissent

If this is the length to which organizers have to go to protect themselves from prosecution, then the whole concept of Hong Lim Park as a Speakers’ Corner loses its meaning. One might not need to apply for a police permit, but could be forced to spend huge amounts of money, time and energy policing one’s own event, failing which fines or jail time await.

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Singapore, It Is Time for Answers on Operation Spectrum

Finding out about Operation Spectrum as a young Singaporean had a profound effect on the way I saw my country and my place in it. 30 years on, it's time Singaporeans talked openly about this event and got some answers.

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Waiting for Answers after 30 Years: Singapore’s Operation Spectrum

An overview of Operation Spectrum, 30 years after activists and volunteers were first arrested and detained without trial on 21 May 1987.

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Singapore's ‘Fake News’ Claim Used to Censor Free Press

Fake news is a problem, but the concept can also be appropriated by governments to further extend their control.

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Singapore Establishment Licks its Wounds after US Court says Amos Yee Persecuted for Political Views

‘Allowing immunity for hate speech only encourages the undermining of values in a functional democracy,’ said the head of the Law Society of Singapore.

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Why Disney's 'Gay Moment' is Causing Hysteria in Singapore

The church's lack of acceptance has a very real impact on the mental health of LGBT people.

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Presidential Elections Changes Further Undermine Democracy in Singapore

'It’s enough to prompt the question: what’s the point of voting in the presidential election at all?'

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In an Information Vacuum the Hangman Reigns Supreme

The more people know about the death penalty, the less likely they are to support it, studies show.

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Singapore, Solidarity and the Need for Organising

All across the world democracy seems to be taking a hit. We need to push back and reclaim the space for civil society, for activism, and most importantly, for each other.

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'Pink Dot' Pushes the Envelope in Singapore As State Tightens Rules

There are many different causes in Singapore, but everyone operates under the same constraints: getting data from the state is near-impossible, public gatherings are banned except for a small, easily-forgettable corner of Singapore, the worry about being accused of having some ill-defined political agenda, or worse, interference from foreign elements.

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Singaporean Activists Harassed by Police for 'Breaching' Election Rules

How did an investigation over Facebook posts end up with police confiscating electronic devices and accessing one's social media archive?