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"Fake news" or further curbs on free speech?

In their response to a rare court ruling against the government, Singapore's Ministry of Law has tried to liken a case of independent reporting to "fake news". But when is fighting fake news just curbing free speech?

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Amos Yee awaits appearance before immigration judge

Singaporean teenage blogger Amos Yee remains detained in the United States while his application for political asylum is referred to an immigration judge.

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Amos Yee could face longer detention period for asylum bid

Amos Yee was detained on 16 December in Chicago after authorities discovered that he intended to seek asylum in the United States. His lawyer now says that it's possible he could be facing a longer period in jail.

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Amos Yee detained while seeking political asylum in the U.S.

Teen blogger Amos Yee made headlines again and again with two convictions for wounding religious feelings in two years in Singapore. Now, he's spending Christmas in an adult correctional facility while seeking asylum in the U.S.

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Singaporean attitudes towards the death penalty aren't as clear-cut as we think

The pro-death penalty camp has often pointed to majority support as a way to legitimise capital punishment in Singapore. But a new comprehensive study shows that it's just not that simple.

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A long road: Working for change in Singapore

Activists and progressives in Singapore often get disheartened because there are so many obstacles to bringing about change in an environment where power is centralised. Its time to reflect on where we are, as a society and as individuals, and how we can move forward.

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Singaporean police question attendees of peaceful solidarity event

Individuals who attended a peaceful gathering in Singapore's Hong Lim Park to show solidarity with the Bersih5 movement in Malaysia were surprised on Sunday evening when they were approached by the police and asked to assist in an investigation.

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Whose idea is it anyway?

Speaker's Corner in Hong Lim Park is the only place where Singaporeans can assemble for a cause without a permit. But changes to the rules governing Speaker's Corner are now shrinking civil society space even further.

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Space, sex and babies in Singapore

"You need a very small space to have sex," said a Singaporean Senior Minister of State in response to young couples who say they want their own flat before thinking of having children. But is there really space in Singapore for people to follow their own paths towards starting their own families?

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Power and civil society in Singapore

The Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill was passed by Parliament after a seven-hour debate on 15 August. For those of us who campaigned against it, it was an expected disappointment. But this experience has been a great reminder about politics, power, collaboration and organising.

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The contempt of court bill will hurt independent journalism in Singapore

The Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill is meant to clarify the law relating to contempt of court in Singapore, but a close scrutiny shows that it's far from clear. Its passage would have grave implications on journalism in a country where press freedom is already pretty dismal.

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Apprentice and the death penalty

Singaporean filmmaker Boo Junfeng's sophomore film is an exquisite story looking at capital punishment in the Southeast Asian city-state. Yet its screening has yet to trigger much-needed debate about the death penalty.

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How should one interpret the Cooling-Off Day rules?

The investigations into Singapore citizens for the alleged breach of Cooling-Off Day rules – where election advertising is banned on the eve of Polling Day as well as Polling Day itself – has prompted more questions over who can or can't post the day before an election.

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Covering the Cooling-Off Day investigations

Following the Cooling-Off Day investigations – in which Singaporeans were subjected to long interrogations and electronic devices were seized – has prompted more and more questions, with far fewer answers.

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When the police gets hold of your Facebook

A police investigation into the alleged breach of election rules in Singapore led to raids on the homes of two Singaporean activists, and the seizure of their electronic devices.