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Telling stories from a tiny Southeast Asian island.

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Migrant workers in Singapore reveal hidden poetry talents on stage

Now in its third year, the Migrant Worker Poetry Competition helps bridge the gap, showing Singaporeans other dimensions of the workers who literally build, clean and care for the city.

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Singaporean police accused of abusing their powers

When political activist Teo Soh Lung presented herself at police headquarters on June 1, she was expecting a tedious but short interview. What she got, instead, were hours of questioning, then a raid on her home.

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Singapore-Australian defence deal puts military might on show in Queensland exercise

Following the signing of an agreement allowing Singapore more access to Australia's military training areas, I take a look at defence and militarism in Singapore.

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'Gangsters' showing unwanted migrant workers the door in Singapore

Repatriation services specialise in removing migrant workers from their dormitories or workplaces, and sending them back to their home countries. Is it a legitimate business? Why do migrant workers refer to repatriation agents as "gangsters"?

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Singapore's migrant domestic workers face food rationing, long hours and sexual abuse

There are over 230,000 migrant domestic workers in Singapore. Many find the city a place of opportunity, allowing them to earn a steady wage for families back home. But others are not so lucky.

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Singapore battles to keep a slice of green as conservation and urbanisation clash

Plans to build a subway line under the Central Catchment Nature Reserve has got nature groups doubling their efforts to educate the public on Singapore's biodiversity.